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    Kids Books

    Lana Wynn Scroggins

    Jenna Brooke Glass

    Jenna Glass is a 10 year-old new author from Port St. Joe, Florida. She enjoys cheering, singing, and learning about God.

    She’s most excited to share God’s love with boys and girls through this book. Her mom, Jae Glass, is an educator and loves that Jenna has a passion for sharing Christ through storytelling.

    They are so thankful for Ms. Lana and her guidance in the creation of “Jenna Teaches Maggie About Love.”

    Everett Paul White

    Everett White is a 6-year-old boy who loves nature, Legos, going to the beach and most of all Jesus!

    His Mother, Marci White, is a stay at Home Mom, Pastors Wife and Children’s Church teacher.

    Everett enjoyed working along side Ms. Lana to create his very own story “Everett Teaches Reed to Be Brave.”

    He is looking forward to working on more stories with Ms. Lana in the future!

    Madeline Grace Simons

    Madeline is a 6-year-old girl who loves to dress up and play pretend.

    Her mom, Dara Simons is a web designer and ministry wife.

    Madeline had so much fun creating her book with Ms. Lana!

    Dara loved how Ms. Lana took the time to explain everything in a way Madeline could easily understand so she felt part of the whole process.

    Elijah White

    Elijah is a 9-year-old boy who is from Port St. Joe, Florida. As a big brother, Eli has found joy in serving others and by helping out his mom and dad with his younger brother.

    His love for God, his family, and baseball among other activities, has given him many opportunities to serve others and he is very excited to share with other children, the gift of serving.

    Ms. Lana has been incredible with helping Eli though the writing process! He and his mom Kristin are so grateful for her expertise and direction. He hopes you enjoy his first book “Elijah Teaches Maggie About Serving Others.”

    Evan Edward Wood

    Evan Wood is a hardworking 8-year-old 3rd grader from Port St Joe, FL. He enjoys fishing with his dad, the beach, soccer, football and riding his pro glider.

     Evan’s mother Karen Wood is a stay-at-home mom who loves watching him grow with God and share it with others.

     Evan’s main goal in life is to teach others about Christ who is first in his heart and that’s why he was so excited to get to write this book with Ms. Lana’s guidance. He hopes you enjoy his book “Evan Teaches Maggie About Being Thankful.”

    Wyatt Reed Horton

    Wyatt is a 4th grader in North Florida. He loves playing baseball, soccer, and golf.

    He is very interested in creative writing and drawing his own stories.

    Wyatt is excited about this opportunity to tell others about God’s power through the story of Moses.

    He and his family hope his book engages young readers and increases their love for God.

    Rawley Grieshaber

    Rawley is eight years old and is a big brother to Jameson. They live in Lansing Michigan. This project is Rawley’s second work. His first book is a comic book style story about a YouTube sensation.

    Rawley’s activity book includes coloring, dot-to-dot and easy crossword puzzle activities.

    Rawley loves writing, reading, YouTube and going to church. He attends Mount Hope Assembly also in Lansing.

    Ms. Lana was fun to work with and helped to make this book possible.

    Jameson Grieshaber

    Jameson Grieshaber is 7 years old and lives in Lansing Michigan. He loves playing video games, and with his older brother.

    Jameson is also very fond of stuffed animals and characters; he affectionately calls them stuffies.

    He loves to draw and really like writing this book with Ms. Lana, she made the whole process fun.

    Paisley Cope

    Paisley is 6 years old, and in kindergarten.

    She has one younger sister Paityn who is 2 years old. She loves being with friends, going school, and church.

    Paisley is excited about getting her first book published, working with Ms. Lana made it easy and fun.

    Makenna Cope

    Makenna lives in northern Michigan, and she is the youngest of five gifts.

    She loves all sports, especially soccer.

    Makenna is friendly, expressive, energetic and really enjoyed working together with Ms. Lana to co-author this book.